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"The Wolverine"
You know, the 2013 movie where Logan goes to Japan. It has a lot of crazy moments -the Shinkansen scene was... wowser!!-. This movie also answers the question 'what do the x-men and my little pony:friendship is magic have in common?'. It's just awesome... even if the last twenty minutes made me go 'wha...?' a few times XD

Little Witch Academia
It's 25 episodes of fun, mysteries, FLCL-esque action sequences and a yuri relationship between a student and her teacher, all covered in magic awesomesauce. This has to be one of the best anime series I've ever seen, and it's not only because it has a beginning, a middle and an end -well that, and there's not one single character that makes me wanna punch a hole in a wall-, although it certainly helps. It's just plain good entertainment. I recommend it.

Resident Evil: Vendetta
Par for the course, visually speaking. The plot is all over the place and the action is so over the top, it becomes hilarious at times -which I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing-. Hell, even RE6 showed more restraint than this film does XP
There's also this plot point about the nature of the zombies that turns the entire final act of the movie into the -unintentionally- darkest moment in Resident Evil history. Seriously, if you think the final battle in 'Man of Steel' was hard to watch because of all the people who got caught in the crossfire... Superman has NOTHING on Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield!!! I'll just leave it at that XD
The opening sequence has a nice, creepy atmosphere, so does the scene in the lab with Rebecca. And I gotta say: this movie shoots fight scenes better than a lot of live action films do nowadays -no cutting every two seconds, no shaky camera and no extreme close ups-. Regardless, I can't really recommend this one to the casual moviegoer. Even as a mindless entertainment sort of thing, you'll be lost.

I also watched 'Fate of the Furious' with my little cousin, Jessica.
She was like: 'is it me, or this is just more of the same'
And I was like: 'Oh, it is -cue a bunch of cars raining down from the sky- AND IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!'
I'll admit, I don't mind these movies becoming 'formulaic'. It's not like it's the same movie over and over. There's a story, and this is the next chapter in it. I like and care about the characters, love the fights and the car sequences. And seriously, if a movie is entertaining and I have a good time watching it, does anything else really matters?

Now then, back to DA business...

I still can't believe the overwhelmingly positive reaction my SciTwi image got. Honestly, I might as well go ahead and retire, because nothing I can make is gonna top that one XD
In all seriousness though, I may have chosen a very bad time to take a break from making images XP

Also, I'm now part of a couple of groups here on Deviantart.
I know!!! I was surprised too XD They're a SciTwi group and a Twilight's Students group, almost brand new and ready for action. Yay us!!! XDDD

I'm getting back to work now. Only, not in the same capacity as before. Like I once said: I'm running out of ideas XP

Next on MLPics: The Great and Powerful Trixie lives!!!
An edit to one of my images, composed of 85% new material; a three images commission; two images of characters from someone else's AU; four images for my main gallery. It might not seem like much, but the last three weeks have been rough for me, DA-wise. I went from making images for myself, to having other people´s expectations on my work. I had no idea how much something like that can drain the life out of you. I'm not an artist, you know that -I've been saying it over and over since the very beginning-. It takes me a lot of time and effort to get the simplest looking things done. And the truth is, right now, I'm exhausted. I'll submit one final image on Wednesday -a request made on my gallery page-, and then I'll take the rest of the month off. I'm still gonna be around, adding images to my favorites and commenting on things.

Speaking of which...

I watched the new Power Rangers movie. It was better than I expected. Is not the most entertaining movie ever -I mean 'entertaining' in the most generic way possible. You know: amazing looking action scenes, fast pacing, that kind of thing-. It's primarily a character story, and it works so well. I will say, though, it's crazy how much Jason and Kimberly reminded me of Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey XDDD

I also watched the Lego Batman movie. It was awesomely fun!!! I feel bad for calling that one character a 'fanboy/sidekick' not knowing he was actually supposed to be Dick Grayson lol But, in my defense, whoever made the trailer I saw, sucks at their job. They made the movie look awful. In the end, Batman was funny, Robin was cute, the Joker was freaking adorable, I liked the action, loved the cameos and references. I think I'm gonna watch the movie one more time XDDD

Doctor Who went darker all of a sudden. It's just the first half of the season, Moffat!!! What is wrong with you?!!! -yeah, I'm like six episodes behind everyone else. I've been busy XP

Now, since I need to pad out this entry, a bit of trivia: my Principal Celestia pic was supposed to feature Sunset Shimmer´s jacket from Rainbow Rocks. The line art for it actually exists, but it was dropped in favor of the final design -something like that happened with the Fluttershy pic, which also featured Sunset's jacket in an early stage-. Another detail that was eventually dropped were the glasses. Blue colored glasses, the same design as Indigo's, which in turn were based on concept art for 'Lady Blaze', property of Deviantart user DarkMalcontent-. Having worked on three different images featuring those glasses, putting them on display one beside the other felt like overkill to me. So, in the end, Indigo Zap was the only one in my gallery who kept the glasses on ^-^

Pony Town Shout Out!!!
lucy -she booped me out of nowhere, then ignored me when I tried to boop her back XD


mlpics's Profile Picture
Rosemile H. Mulberry
Hallo!!! I'm Rosemile, amateur colorist.

It's been a pleasure to be part of this awesome community. Thank you so much to the people that watched, faved and commented on the images in my gallery. You rock, woohoo!!! XD


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