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I find it funny that, even though I had my reasons for not making images of Sci-Twi and Indigo Zap back in the times of the 'Shadowbolts Series', I'm gonna end up making them anyway. Sci-Twi, because someone requested it, and Indigo Zap because... why the hell not? XDDD

How do you know when something isn't 'just an edit'? It's quite simple: if an edited image is made of 85% NEW FREAKING MATERIAL then it's NOT.JUST.AN EDIT!!!

I'm a lot calmer now :)

The Beauty and the Beast live action remake was... ok. I mean, really ok... I like 'The Jungle Book' and 'Maleficent' better.
Now, the Lego Batman movie... That one terrifies me. The fanboy/sidekick they showed in the trailers almost killed the movie for me. I'm still gonna watch it. I'm just crossing my fingers. Please, be fun.

I finished my second run through 'Sleeping Dogs', and then I realized I don't really have that much to do on PS3 nowadays -aside from the events in Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. I'm still trying to convince myself to play 'Tales of Graces' once again, but the drawings are taking away all of my free time. Not that I mind, of course XP

Listening to old Bryan and Vinny shows is a surprisingly fun thing to do while making images or fooling around on Pony Town. And speaking of that:

Pony Town shout outs!!!
lawnboe greem, roseluck, phil marzen, yuri katsuki YOI, X3, negus, tori, lan, ian, purplehurricane.09, gupii, class (plasma demon), headless and lawliet
Episode 5
1. Somepony needs to seriously do something about that freaking bear...
2. Flutterbold for president of the world!!!

Episode 6
1. I got Starlight without Starlight. Oh, Miss Saddles, how I've missed you so...
2. Si me ven que estoy llorando, is because those little ponies, are tearing my heart apart in just one single scene...

Episode 7
1. Are we sure Scootaloo is not secretly a banshee?
2. Seriously, though: SOMEPONY, PLEASE, ADOPT SCOOTALOO!!!

Episode 8
1. Big Mac!!! What are you doing to my ships?!!!
2. This series made me a Believer XDDD

Episodes 5 and 6 are an awesome testimony of the show's evolution throughout the years. Just imagining that first scene with Fluttershy back in season 1, then comparing it with the Fluttershy of season 7... it just blows my mind. 

It wasn't sudden either. Fluttershy and Rarity are two of the most well developed characters in the series. And speaking of Rarity: you know how she loves to make a drama out of everything -which she even pokes fun of in episode 6, by asking the Crusaders if they happen to have a fainting couch inside their clubhouse XDDD-. When that scene near the end happens, and things have gotten serious with Sweetie Belle, not only she's trying to hold back her tears, but she's also forcing a smile. That right there, made the whole scene so heart wrenching for me T^T

Rarity is awesome, and so is Fluttershy.

Episode 8 is the weakest so far, in my opinion. And out of three episodes with the Crusaders -three in a row by the way D:- I only really liked 'Forever Filly'. 

That being said, six awesome episodes out of eight total is a pretty good average, and I'm totally enjoying myself watching the show.

Keep'em coming!!! XDDD


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Rosemile H.M.
Have you ever done something that seemed like such a good idea at the time but ended up regretting it later?

I'm Rosemile, amateur colorist.

It has been a pleasure to be part of this awesome community. Thank you so much to the people that watched, faved and commented on the images in my gallery. You rock, woohoo!!! XD


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