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I'm playing -and greatly enjoying- Sleeping Dogs, one of my favorite sandbox games of all time. Now I can finally purge the endurance test that is the Raid Mode in Resident Evil Revelations out of my mind -kinda... I'm still playing the events... XP

Can't wait to catch up with series 10 of Doctor Who. Being a little busy during my free time lately -if that makes any sense.

Speaking of which: deviantart user twilite-sparkleplz once told me it was ok for me to stick around the site, even if I don't make images anymore. She also said 'maybe you'll feel like making something one of these days'.

She was right.

I decided to come out of retirement for a couple of images. A thanks of sorts, for another deviantart user who showed his concern -disappointment is more like it XP- about me having left the active duty -so to speak.

Seriously though: I've gone back on my word so many times by now, the day I decide to delete this account nobody's going to believe me XDDD

Pony Town shout outs:
leo josh -please, somepony be his girlfriend!!!!!
puppet (wolf/omega.WP -you nomed on my tail!!!! What the hay?!!
Galleta -the cookie pone of happiness ^^
I'll be catching up with MLP in a couple of weeks. But I have to say, I'm really into Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger right now. That video Linkara made, reviewing the first five episodes totally sold the series for me ^^

Well, look at that... Somehow, 'applewirt' got an even worse response from people than the infamous 'Sun v Salis' pic. That, and DA clearly hates Applejack. The results you get by typing 'applejack' and 'mlp' into the search box make no sense most of the time. Maybe it's just me.

And because it wasn't painfully obvious I'm struggling coming up with things to post here...

My Top 10 Favorite Characters in the MLP franchise!!! -current generation, first six seasons, including the Equestria Girls movies.

1. Sunset Shimmer
2. Rarity
3. Starlight Glimmer
4. Applejack
5. Aria Blaze
6. Princess Celestia
7. Adagio Dazzle
8. Princess Luna
9. Sunburst
10. Spike

Let's see how much things can change by the end of the year.


mlpics's Profile Picture
Rosemile H.M.
Have you ever done something that seemed like such a good idea at the time but ended up regretting it later?

I'm Rosemile, amateur colorist. This is my DA page.

My gallery is small, but is what it is. I don't upload stuff very often, but if I have something to say about anything, I'll be posting it here.

Also, appuls. XDDD


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